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A Moment to See the Sights

by | Jul 8, 2006 | Adoption Journey | 0 comments

So now that our bags arrived and we are getting on Nepali Time – we realize that we have lots of free time in the morning before we go to the orphanage to see the kids. Last night we decided that we needed to see some of the cultural sights. There were two buddhist stupas that were high on our list and we visited them this morning. Getting to them, and around Kathmandu in general, is an adventure in itself.

There are many challenges to driving in Nepal:

1) They drive on the wrong side of the road – damn Brits!

2) Every mode of transportation must co-exist on the road – we are talking cars, busses, three wheeled “busses”, farm equipment, motorcycles and bikes.

3) Animals and people present additional obstacles – animals you say?  well yes, try cows, monkeys, goats, ducks and chickens.

There is some sort of unwritten code of driving the streets. Not all vehicles can travel at the same speed so there is a LOT of passing on the wrong side of the road. From what we can tell, the passer beeps and then the passee beeps back acknowledging the pass. Amazingly, after 4 days here I have not witnessed a single incident of road rage which is truly amazing!

The temples we visited yesterday – Swoyambhu and Bouddhanath – were just beautiful. Since everything you see here isn’t shiny and new, when you actually come across something beautiful it just jumps out and grabs hold of you. Its almost impossible not to be affected by what you experience here. Today before seeing the kids for the last time, Sapana (the orphanage director) is taking us to Durbar Square in the ancient city of Bhaktapur which is just outside of Kathmandu.

Today is our final day and we are really upset to be leaving. Not only because we are leaving the children and new friends but there is just so much left for us to experience here. We are really looking forward to returning for our lengthy stay to finalize the adoptions.