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And I made a big cup. . .

by | Jun 9, 2013 | News from the Nest | 0 comments

…and I made a big cup. It was a big cup of tea and I thought, and thought. I collected these thoughts and put them there in the cup with the tea, my thoughts floating on top. Swirling words of encouragement, love and gifts. Gifts of beauty, inspiration and love. Oh so much love.


I see it in your eyes and your face sometimes when you let me. I see the beauty in you, the fear and the scared self. I see the joy and the great mountains of love that you pour from your soul into this world. I see the painstaking feelings pour from your soul when you think no one is really looking. I see your bravery, strength and how hard you work to share it all. And though there is only a thread between you and I, it is enough. Your thought gently touching, touching another and another and then eventually touching my thought, reaching me, touching me, until there is a string around the world. That’s our thread of connection. We look up at the same stars and sky at night and though we are only connected by small threads, it’s enough. It’s enough. No more no less, it is just how it should be for now. Each of us connecting our small threads of love to one another. Carefully, with much thought I craft mine. We stitch, sew, paint, glue, mold, shape, carve, shave, collage, tape, secure, fold, sculpt and build this universe of ours. It will keep getting more beautiful, and loving and magical if you we keep connecting our threads of thoughts of love and beauty. I encourage you to be brave and connect your threads.