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Being grateful…

by | Dec 5, 2014 | News from the Nest | 4 comments

grateful-bowlIt has been a whirl wind of creating and juggling life, including the start of the holiday season and the start to the barrage of birthday celebrations in my family that is also a part of this time of year. Honestly, it’s all good! I am beyond grateful for all that I have and that I am able to share my work with all of you. The shop is updated now with a small batch of lovely new things and of course, as well as all it’s many other splendid goodies just wait to bring some beauty and joy your way. There are some new mindfulness mugs and bowls made in porcelain, affirmation banners, and my newest creation, Love Lines. So do make sure to take sometime to stop by and have a look, click here.

I’m just about through to the other side, most of the hard work is done. My creations are making their way out into the world to all of you and with that I am slowly feeling a sense of peace. I’m quite eager for some time to breathe just a little bit before I jump right back in. We all need to take a few moments to be present and give ourselves the gift of a break every now and again. And while your doing that you might also enjoy stopping by to Michelle gd ‘s blog today where she is interviewing me. I’ll be talking about my my life as an artist and mother, as well as my creative process too. To visit click here.

Enjoy!! And bring on the holiday cheer!