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Day 5: It’s Official!

by | Dec 3, 2006 | Adoption Journey | 0 comments

Yep, that’s right. Shanti is now officially a Hastings-Kimball!  Say hello to Shanti Willow Hastings-Kimball. We wanted to give them “American” middle names just in case they don’t like their given names. What could possibly be more American (and bohemian) than a name like Willow? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out Sandeep’s middle name once he becomes official. Remember, we cannot process the children at the same time so Sandeep won’t be an official Hastings-Kimball for a couple more weeks.

The day started off on a very good note. We ventured down to the hotel breakfast with some new friends and Sandeep couldn’t have been more excited to see that much food! This kid can really pack it in. After breakfast we prepared for what we thought would just be another day of paper processing. We figured if the Nepalis were anything like the Americans, we would need to fill out a T795 form that would become a F456 approval which would in turn grant us a 89563F document. Nearing the end of our visit to the Ministry, we realized the importance of this day – today the adoption is actually finalized! Everything from here on out for Shanti is simply arranging for her travel documents.

Both kids did very well during this trip to the Ministry. Shanti had a small meltdown when she was not able to use the real phone but things settled down quickly once a spare phone was located and provided for her enjoyment. That night they discovered the light switches in the bathroom, at their level no less, which provided hours of new found fun. Sandeep also discovered how to turn on the TV this morning so we know he will fit in well with our family! Stay tuned for more updates.