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Days 8-13: The horror, the horror…

by | Dec 11, 2006 | Adoption Journey | 0 comments

If you think that the “Heart of Darkness” is a Vietnamese jungle then you are sorely mistaken. I have seen the horror and it is a hotel suite in Kathmandu, Nepal! The horror my friends is a bacterial infection that keeps you chained to the toilet for days on end. That’s right, call it Montezuma’s Revenge, call it what you will, but both Alisha and I have been struggling with it along with colds for the last 5 days. The climax came last night when we were suddenly awakened by Sandeep power vomiting in his bed. Already feeling pretty miserable, this was the last thing we expected but we made it through. That smell is not something that I will easily forget.

After Sandeep’s incident, we thought we a trip to the doctor was in order. So we made a trip early yesterday morning to a western medical clinic that we had been told about. Alhough we may have a virus, Sandeep had just overeaten. So we really have to be careful about their food intake. It is quite a challenge at times, since they really want to just eat all the time and can’t really regulate themselves.I think psychologically they are unsure when all this food is going to disappear.

Even with us not feeling great we needed to venture out yesterday to keep the process going. It was raining yesterday and the temperature was a chilly 40 degrees. Although 40 degrees is not that cold for New Jersey, it is downright blustery for Kathmandu. Apparently, it was reported in the paper that it was cold enough to close schools and it caused a significant drop in traffic because everyone was staying indoors.

We did indeed notice this ourselves when we were out and about as well. Yesterday, we picked up Shanti’s travel document; it looks like a passport and even has her picture in it but is only valid for her travel to the US. Hopefully we will be able to keep it for her so she can see it when she is grown. In the evening we went to a US Embassy approved doctor to have her final medical examination. We now have to schedule our interview at the embassy today to start finalizing things for her. Wednesday we start Sandeep’s processing.