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Dear February

by | Feb 7, 2013 | News from the Nest | 0 comments

icicle-and-sun.jpgDear February,

I can’t believe you’re here already with your cold and sparkly days. Cascading your hearts all around us, in windows, doors, hallways, and shelves. You are the month of love and being the great month of love, you have always inspired me! I have opened myself up and have been creating what’s truly in my heart even though it’s really scary and difficult at times. I started this process slowly and with each year that I embrace being more true, authentic, conscious, loving and compassionate I have grown and so has my {he}art. My art is evolving so that in hindsight I can see the path that I have been walking.

muddy heart handIt’s been over a year now and the love notes I have been creating for the world and myself are still coming and growing. I’ve decided to stop calling this work a series because I think, Feburary, you’ve made me realize that my work will forever be little individual love notes to the world in whatever form it is that they come. Evolution is taking place. Every piece I make is a love note. That is part of my calling and I am being brave and claiming it. And with that I am working diligently now to make my little love notes truly available to the world beyond my studio doors.Love is unconditional affection and compassion with no limits or conditions. February… You bring to us all the reminder to love. Love the world more bring soft steps to the ground we walk upon, to bring loving kindness to our every day, to love ourselves more, smile bigger, breathe deeper,  laugher louder, cuddle longer. To bring love overflowing into every moment of everyday. You remind us to open our hearts, give of ourselves with out expecting anything in return for that is true love.

fortune-cookieThe love you bring…. It sparkles and shines, warms, glows, aches and burns sometimes. It’s strong, loud, and clear. And still at times it is quite quiet and shy, sweet, sticky and chocolately too. It definitely conquers all.

And so my friend February you are upon us once again bring love along beside you and I am excited to be enlisted as one of your messengers. Say I love you often, clearly and loudly. Time flows quickly and is precious so be sure you do not to let things go unsaid especially,” I love you” being the most important.

Sending you much love today and always,
~ A