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Hurry Up and Wait….

by | Jul 4, 2006 | Adoption Journey | 0 comments

Well, after 4 days of traveling we’re not yet in Nepal. After arriving in London Sunday morning with plenty of time to make our connecting flight to Doah, Qatar we couldn’t get to a gate to deplane.  After an hour waiting on the tarmac we finally got off the plane, sprinted to the departure desk only to find that our flight left without us.

Now you might be saying, “so what” another flight is in a couple hours, but this is Nepal we are talking about. We could leave London but there were no flights to Kathmandu available. Virgin was “kind enough” to comp us a room at the local airport hotel while they attempted to book us a new itinerary. When we left the airport there were two options on the table:

Option 1 – London to Dubai, Dubai to Doha, 9 hour layover, Doha to Kathmandu. This was confirmed and was our fallback plan and gets us to Nepal on Tuesday afternoon – a full day and a half after our original arrival.

Option 2 – London to Bangkok, Bangkok to Kathmandu. Although we literally fly past Nepal and then back again, this seemed like the better option as it gets us in to Kathmandu at noon on Tuesday.

So, we arrived at Heathrow airport Monday morning not knowing what flight we would be on. Turns out we got “lucky” and I’m writing this blog update from Bangkok while we wait for our flight to Kathmandu to board.

We have lost a ton of time with kids and really hate to spend it in airports and crappy hotels when we know what we could have been doing. Nonetheless, we know that even the little time we have left with the kids will be more than enough to not want to leave. We are keeping each other sane and know that what is waiting at the end of this adventure is worth every headache.

Will post again soon. Happy July 4th everyone (in the US, that is)