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I am a great work in progress

by | Feb 4, 2014 | News from the Nest | 10 comments

sliver-of-moon.jpgI am a great work in progress
I am a lush painting full of color and depth that is far far from completion
I am a tree that is forever reaching toward the sky moving through the seasons
Circling round and round, again and again with more wisdom with each year that passes
My rings ever expanding with knowledge gleaned from the sun, the earth and grasses

I am the wind
I am the bird
I am the cat
I am the child full of wonder and also the one that needs a nap
I am the crow who is attracted to all shiny things
I am the sheep in the pen, soft with wool, quietly grazing
I am the true and loyal friend
I am the one who lights the candles
I am the mother who cooks and cleans
I am the wife who juggles all matters


snowy-bird-footprints.jpgI am the artist that squeezes it in when she has time
I am the one that says the website will get done once again tomorrow
I am the one who’s clay mugs dried out, again…


I have been busy
Being mom, and wife and friend
Worrier and warrior
Again and again

I am going to be late now
I am going to be late