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I suppose. . .

by | Mar 30, 2014 | News from the Nest | 2 comments

RoadI feel like I am bumping along a rocky road
Inspiration coming slow
In dribs and drabs
In tiny burstsI
In seconds lost
But not besmirched


I’m rolling in the in between,
The uncomfortable but not unseen
I’m here! I’m here!
Feeling lots and moving slow
But showing up, truth be told


Don’t count me out
Don’t think I’m lost
I’m on the way
To where?
Hang on, I am just about to make it there
Across, through and out to the other side
I can see it all in the distance
But I still have more of a ride before I reach the other side


Believe me when I say, it may
Take me another day or two or three or maybe even four
Before I make it through that door
Just know I’m coming, that much you can’t ignore