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Migration and memories

by | Nov 17, 2013 | News from the Nest | 0 comments


img_2895The birds, Starlings, I believe, came this morning and my heart sang! There is something just so special about it for me. I was sitting in bed when I heard them, hundreds of blacks birds. I peeked out the window and saw them wooshing over our house. Their loud chatters and tweets are an unmistakeable sound. I did a little dance. I raced down the stairs and out the door. Oh and how my heart sang! Their migration is always a bright spot in my fall days. I think their arrival reminds me of my mom and the love and appreciation of nature that she has handed down to me. I remember when the birds would come through at our house as a little girl. She would call me to the window to witness it. Birds coating the yard and trees and all the sweet noise of it. A little tingle always ran through my body being there with so many in the middle, a part of their miragtion for just a moment. So today, it was just me but I was still just as in awe of it as when I was a little girl. During this season you can look up at the sky some days and see them flying across it in their packs moving together as one.

I spoke to my mom today on the phone and told her the birds came through. She said “Oh yes, they have been through my yard several times this season already.” I told her it was time for me this season and I was so glad a hadn’t missed it and hope it happens at least once more here at my house. Fingers crossed. I certainly didn’t get enough of it today.

The birds also remind me of the many times my mom had me come sit outside on our screen porch during springtime thunder storms. It was the way she got me to overcome my fear of thunder. I remember sitting close with her arms around me and my legs dangling off the chair. Every time the thunder clashed I’d bury my face in her arm. Each time she would and tell me… “See it’s not so bad, just a loud noise. Look how happy the trees and leaves are there dancing.” Eventually all the fear and tension would drain away and eventually I too would be dancing around the porch saying it’s not so bad and watch the rain, the breeze and the trees and leaves dancing in the rain. She showed me the beauty of the rain and thunder of spring and the beauty of Autumn with the migrating birds. I usually try to pass these experiences onto my kids, having them come join me. It wasn’t possible today, though. I have done it in the past and they love it too.  Today though it was just me and the birds and that was ok. A special moment indeed. I so do hope to see at least one more group come through this season but you never know. At least I got this moment today.