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Monkey Mind

by | May 13, 2014 | News from the Nest | 7 comments

20140513-133414My monkey mind is trying to get the best of me. I feel time’s strong hold on me. Time feels more precious every day. Every second wasted is a second lost not to be gotten back. How do I reconcile with all the time wasted? How do I make the most of every moment? I know that my great presence is needed and yet my monkey mind keeps dragging me off into the future or back into the past, like a two-year-old flitting from one thing to the next. I feel my heart strongly and I am trying to watch my breath. I’m trying to notice the present moment and it’s all so overwhelming. I hear the cars on the road outside and the plane overhead. I feel the bed on my feet, soft. I hear the birds. I feel this lump in my throat and the pen in my hand. Some days being is such hard work even though there is so much good. And later on the porch and I am still at it.