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Nepal here we come!

by | Jun 11, 2006 | Adoption Journey | 0 comments

OK folks, not much new to report regarding the kids. Shanti did turn two last Saturday the 3rd and its been killing us that we were not able to share that with her. We asked the agency if they would have the orphanage throw her a party but as far as we know we don’t think that happened.

Shanti in Nov 2005

The only bit of news is that we have a case number for Shanti – 1627. She will be processed before Sandeep, so this is the important number. The Ministry is currently processing case numbers around 1510 so we are about 100 children away from getting them home. The Ministry says it wants to process about 20 cases a week but that is only when they are actually working! One of the ministers is in China this week so NO cases were processed!

So, what is an anxious family-to-be to do? TRAVEL! We have booked a trip to Nepal for the first week of July (1st to 9th) to simply visit the kids.

We will pack small bags for ourselves and one large suitcase filled with whatever we can manage to leave behind for them and the other children. We are so happy to finally be able to meet our family but are in no way looking forward to leaving them behind at the end of the week.

Sandeep in Nov 2005

This trip does have one advantage for us as well. As soon as the children set foot on U.S. soil they will be official citizens.

Here is Sandeep back this past November. We can’t wait for cuddles with both of them! Look forward to a steady stream of blog updates while we are in Nepal.