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Pencil drawings and photography

by | Aug 31, 2012 | News from the Nest | 4 comments

img_76751Some times there is only enough time to do some pencil drawings, snap some photos or just store away new ideas in my notebooks for the future.

photo3.jpgThis summer has been jammed packed. We’ve had a quite a few visits from the tooth fairy as both children have now lost both front teeth. One of my rabbits even received a special letter from the tooth fairy because apparently there were some problems in the pick up and delivery department. We made friends with a grasshopper for an afternoon. We visited with many friends, including the annual Nepali family reunion. It’s a day of fun where the kids get to spend the day visiting with many of the their friends that were in the same children’s home with them as well as other children that are adopted from Nepal. We’ve roasted marshmallows and had s’mores. We watched my sister’s triplets grow so much, they are almost crawling.

While all of this has been going on, I’ve had some lovely reminders these past two months. First and foremost I am continuing my mindfulness. I even started doing some specific mindfulness training and mediation. I am a little unsure but I think that it’s making a difference. It’s very subtle. I know how important being in the present moment is and I am making real efforts to culivate it not just for myself but for everyone I am around.

photo-5.jpgThe other lovely and fantantasic thing I was reminded about was to look at all my everyday interactions from an artistic point of view. Since many days do not go as planned and art has to be squeezed from the schedule more often than not, I am realizing that taking pleasure in the small things is a way to satisfy my creative yearnings when time is not abundant. I must approach everyday with excitment, quiet revalry, and beauty. I must treat my everyday as though I am creating a new piece of artwork, painting or sculpture that I am sharing with the world. This is what fills me when I am feeling low, stifled or empty. I am so blessed to have this little gift to fall upon.

While I have been busy taking steps to be more artistic in my everyday living I have also discovered that I have been quietly busy doing this not even realizing it – my iPhone is a fantastic vehicle for my art!

photo1.jpgI have recently re-embraced my love of photography and you have probably heard of Instagram, a social media spot that was recently acquired by Facebook for a BILLION dollars. Well, Instagram really has helped me to view my everyday more artistically. Photography has always been a love of mine but I never really thought about it as another serious way to express myself. As cheesey as it sounds though, getting on Instagram helped me to see that it can be yet another way for me to do this. I can use my phone and not worry about having any fancy equipment right now. Because it’s also a social media site, it’s also a great way to communicate with lots of other artists and make new friends from all around the world. Photography has now become a great new way to express myself or should I say a great old way I forgot about. You can see these pictures and more over on my Instagram feed by clicking here.

I am looking for beauty and tiny moments to share much more consciously than before in every way. I am being present in the moment. I am also looking forward to the last few exciting activities with my children as we wrap up the summer and head into the new school year.

More soon my dear friends!