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The Real Me. . .

by | Jun 10, 2013 | News from the Nest | 2 comments

I am getting to the heart of it. I am becoming more of who I should have always been. I am slowly loving myself day by day and see that the more I do the more I will fully become who I have always desperately needed and wanted to be. I am the girl who tells it like it is. I am the girl that over-shares to the detriment to herself, never realizing how it is helping and scaring others all at the same time. Until recently, letting the pain of doing that so totally consumed me that it was a hindrance to me instead of something that I saw as special and wonderful in myself. It’s something that I need to be proud of. I am who am – flaws and all! I am fun! I am loud and a little zany too! I love big and full! I am kind! I am true, loyal, compassionate and sincere. I scare people with my honest stories and my willingness and readiness to spill my guts and share my inner contents. I long so hard to be connected that my intensity can be scary. I am deep and more real and authentic everyday.