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The sign was right there in the road.

by | Jan 11, 2013 | Adoption Journey, News from the Nest | 4 comments

I am a little slow with this post but for good reason. 😉

The holidays are just a crazy time of year, chock-full of too many important things to do all at the same time, all the while there is great pressure to be smiling and letting your heart pour out joy. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the holidays but for me the word frenzy comes to mind when I think about them. My children will have been home for 6 years today and over the past six years the holidays have got increasingly frenzied for us. Then, last year, my sister had the triplets so now, starting from just after Thanksgiving through to New Years we have so many celebrations it makes my head spin a little. We have 5 birthdays: my father, daughter, son, two nieces and one nephew. We also have Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s. Every year I try to go in prepared, ready, equipped – battle stations at the ready! I always feel that if I am organized enough it won’t be so bad but inevitably I can never really be prepared enough. I really thought I handled all this celebration business this year really well and pretty calmly. There were a few bumps but considering all that now goes on during those couple of weeks, I think I handled things just wonderfully. Anyone that knows me well, I think, would tend to agree. And then we started coming back from it all.

sunriseThere is just something about coming back from a break… In the past, I have always put crazy expections on myself. I am only recently realizing the extent to which I do this to myself. Then the ahh ha moment came the other morning…. you know when your car has been sitting for a while and it’s really cold out. Well, they tell you are not just supposed to go start it up and drive it right away. They say it’s bad for the car. You are supposed to turn it on and warm it up {take it slow}. Then after it’s been warmed up you can really drive it! Now when it comes to my life, for some reason whenever I come back from a  break, holiday, or vacation I always expect myself to just jump right back to it. {I always hear my engine revving} .

Something else happened in this new year, a little unexpected something. A small gift from the universe appeared before me. I kept seeing the word “SLOW” and, slowly but surely, I have started taking it’s message in and not even realizing it.

slowsign-e1357878961162.jpgThe other day for some crazy reason it clicked for me!!! I saw the sign in the road. I have been driving past the word SLOW for countless times since its been painted on the road. The town recently reduced the speed in this little area and added some cross walks. I don’t know why because there are no sidewalks and no one actually walks around this little spot. I assume it was to give it the appearance that people do walk around and that you need to go SLOW when driving through, which is exactly what I am doing this year. So far I am loving it!! I love the fact that I am embracing the “SLOW”, especially after this crazy holiday season that’s just gone by. Thank you universe! And I am proud of myself because this is a very new idea for me. (kinda sounds funny, doesn’t it?) Now that I am doing SLOW-ing down I want to laugh at myself for not embracing it sooner! How silly!! I am truly thankful to the universe for this gift.

SLOW has provided me with a couple of things. First and foremost, SLOW provides a space to be a little kinder to myself, which is very difficult for me. SLOW has also provided me the opportunity to really take in things – like the fact that I will officially be a mom for six whole years now. How amazing and special it has been to see/experience my kids grow and mature into the wonderful little beings that they are today. Finally, SLOW is providing me with the ability to much more fully take in the present moment and to plot my nexts steps in life with care and thought because every moment counts.