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Threshold . . .

by | Jun 14, 2016 | News from the Nest | 2 comments

The Storytellers Threshold

the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested. ...More words surrounding this soon.

\ˈthresh-ˌhōld, ˈthre-ˌshōld\
the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or condition to occur or be manifested.

Here you find…
The opened and closed
The hello’s and goodbyes
The endings and the beginning’s
And always what lies on the other side.


It takes braveness to turn the handle
always causing ripples of change
Once the door has been open no matter what, things can never be the same.

For every moment is a new one.
The fear in your heart is just an illusion.
Make a move or don’t, take a step, no matter what the decision is…
The challenge is to be conscious… of the moments.
There is no going backwards, forward is the only way.
The journey you are creating needs to be done in the most mindful way.
These you must carry in your heart

The windows that appear to be foggy will soon clear by themselves.
Going through the door is the best way to gain the gifts…

So open up… yes, you dear, you!
Take the keys out, unlock that tender soul of yours
Turn the knob dear
And walk confidently through that door!

It’s all waiting, every dream and every wish and so much more…
Believe in the magic, there is nothing to resist.
It’s time to re-emerge
It’s time to unfold your petals, precious flower.
Let go of all the old and useless stories that you’ve carried.
It’s time for you to create a new one…
It is just waiting on the otherside.

So these words came flowing out after taking a look back at this beautiful door knob I photographed the other day. A very clear massage.


pink yellow moth

I am reemerging. I guess, I’m having a very late spring, but I know I am at the threshold of some really exciting goodness…  Patiently I am letting the magic do it’s work for me.
I was sitting in the window and there was quite a bit of chatter outside and I looked to see what all the fuss was about. Hummingbirds are back. A family of bluebirds has nested in the house on our shed. The garden we’ve been trying to create for years is finally starting to become the dream that comes to life. In fact a lot of things feel like they are finally starting to fall into their rightful place. While I’ve spent the winter and most of the spring tending to my mother, things with her care are finally settling down a bit. I now can get back to tending to my own life a smidge more then has been possible in a long while. She continues to recover but it’s a slow process and while we move gently with her, I realized I must also move gently with myself too. A forceful hand, I know won’t do me any good. I am pulling out my slow mantra and reminding myself that self-care is whats going to get me back into the flow.

I do bumble around at times and wonder how do we know when we are being too hard on ourselves? Another day on the couch is fine? Right? Maybe? Maybe not? Can the laundry wait another day? How many days of this is too much? When does it all go from being self care to sloth care?  I do wonder.

But I am trusting myself because I’ve never failed myself in this way before, although I do tend to always worry each time I face this. I understand though that this a well worn path that I have used as protection in the past because my fear of this is large. Every time. But this time, here’s what’s different… I see it. It’s understandable, but there has never been any evidence that this is even a place I should be treading in my mind. It’s a path that only leads me in a circle. Have I ever become the sloth I fear? No, not even close. So it’s time to trust this process, that I’ve been through more than a couple of times now and skip that one circular path in the journey. I know it’s time to bring forth my creative genius, bad-ass self slowly, kindly, and routine and rhythm will soon be returning to my story. I can and will release this fear and anxiety and trust. I will re-choreograph my dance, making a new and fresh version. This time around I am confident it will be smoother and more beautiful than it was before, because I am whole heartedly trusting myself. I am doing the work.